Robust Meeting - August 7, 2020

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Meeting Info
Action Items
  • Joe - coordinate a kick-off meeting with Cornell group
  • Riad - start discussion with Bryan Moffit, develop work plan and purchasing list to build ad commission polarimeter DAQ in the Oct 20 - Mar 21
  • Marcy - list any UITF gun and beam line jobs or repairs to make photocathodes reliably, improve vacuum for high current lifetime studies
    • garages in y chamber to avoid charging viewers
    • determine status of Matt's mini-puck loader
    • Likely need to add pumps to Mott chamber and use instead of dump line DP can
  • Carlos - evaluate energy reach of gun and Wien filter for experiments in the Apr 21 - Sep 21 time frame
  • Mamun - develop plans to modify the 1137 and UITF depo chambers to test and finally transfer Cornell recipes to UITF photo-gun
  • Joe - evaluate keV-Mott Mott for operating in 100-300 kV range and for high current lifetime studies