Robust Meeting - Nov 19, 2020

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Meeting Info
Can we be ready for a Feb 1 to Mar 15 install period?
  1. (Carlos) The photocathode lifetime at UITF is REALLY bad, the field emission at 200 kV certainly doesn’t help (is it the sole problem?). So take apart gun polish electrode, krypton process until there’s NO field emission
  2. (Carlos) Align the gun so that the cathode AND the anode are at normal incidence relative to the beamline and trajectory
  3. (Joe/Shukui) Align the rest of the beamline
  4. (What is wrong?) Fix the chopper slit
  5. (Matt, can you schedule this after Run3, a day?) setup the chopper phases
  6. (Marcy, find or buy the pump) Replace the ion pump at the chopper chamber
  7. (Matt???, or Mamun) Add load lock to depo chamber
  8. (Mamun, what's the plan??) Modify depo chamber to include new chemical sources
  9. (Attempt to better align the mask
  10. (Joe/Riad) Add the polarimeter
  11. (Matt - ???) A3 is in the wrong place, at least in terms of protecting the booster
  12. (Need beam time maybe??) Beam appears far right at ITVK203A, beam appears far left at ITVK401, maybe the alignment of the beamline will help?
  13. (Joe/Carlos) Install vertical Wien