Sep 01, 2021 - Group Meeting

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Meeting Info
Conferences & Workshops
Group meeting rest of year...
  • ~half group updates
  • ~half gun/SAD, starting next week...
testing GTS gun, HV and kick results, decide on NEG due late Nov?
use vacuum chamber in 1137
pick cathode shape
pick anode offset, or null
assemble, plan to install, bake and HV condition by Christmas break?
AWP planning, i.e. what we do...

  • Shukui ~ need your input on the laser
  • Max ~ can you discuss w/ Musson offline the BPM's, together recommend solution, Musson say his level of effort
  • White Paper Brief - High P GaAs photocathodes
R&D projects
  • LDRD ends in a month, wrapping up on deliverables, writing text for Future of CEBAF
Conferences & Workshops
Paper writing updates...
  • Riad, Vasily, Slava - Spin transparent rings for EDM, BSM physics (submitted PRL 7/20)
  • Shukui - Green fiber laser
  • Josh, Joe- Biased anode study
  • Sajini, Riad - GTS magnetized beam paper
  • Sajini, Carlos - GTS gun re-design paper