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SAD Tunnel clothing
Closed toe shoes
Long pants
Short or long sleeved shirt
Contact work
*From Jennifer => If physical contact is anticipated, then tyvek suit or cloth coveralls is required in addition to the PPE listed above. ESH has tyvek suits has tyvek suits to provide, but if cloth coveralls are desired then those are being purchased through individual Divisions. A hood to cover the hair is not required since the exhalation valve on the respirator is covered, but the tyvek already has a hood integrated into the suit. The hood on the suit can be removed or just not worn by the user.
*From Joe => Generally we will coordinate jobs to be 6' apart. The jobs that are closer then 6' will not be with many people, typically there are a few pairs of people who end up working side-by-side, but not touching one another. Hands would touch the same hardware, but we'd have gloves on and dispose of them. Occasionally, someone's arm or leg might bump into another, but we'll have long sleeved clothing. So, I would say jobs closer than 6' are not contact jobs.
*From Jennifer => I agree that your task would not be considered physical contact, therefore you all will not need to wear tyvek suits or cloth coveralls unless desired.
JLab rules for working within 6'
  • When working within 6 feet of others the following PPE is required:
  • N95 respirator without exhalation valve is required, if the N95 has the valve then it must be covered (provided by ESH)
  • Disposable gloves, i.e. nitrile exam gloves (provided by ESH)
  • Safety glasses or goggles
Training for working within 6'
  • MED13 is required because the N95 is a tight fitting respirator.
*Johnie Banks (OccMed) will provide MED13.
*MED13 is a questionaire media:Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire.docx
*Fill out the form and return to (x7539)
  • MED13 is essentially a medical questionnaire. Johnie should send via email.
*Jennifer Williams (EHS) will provide training and fit testing for the N95.
*Schedule an appointment with Jennifer (
CIS work plans
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