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Quick Reference

updated for the Compton Transmission Polarimeter and EIC subharmonic kicker tests: September 21, 2022 Media:UITF_quick_reference_rev_16ver2.pdf

Previous versions:

keV Region Songsheet

Jul 8, 2022 (Rev B Ver 3) - Wien/Mott/Buncher regions updated media:JL0029599-1000, UITF KeV BEAMLINE SONG SHEET, REV B VER03 22.07.07.pdf

Previous versions:

  • May 24, 2016 - media:KEV_160524_v13.pdf; removed IMSK302 i.e. this is no master slit, only a single chopping aperture ISLK302

MeV Region Songsheet

July 13, 2021 - media:updated to include water irradiation line and removal of elevated line.xls

October 13, 2020 - media:updated elevated HDIce beamline.pdf

March 15, 2019 - media:updated MeV songsheets_Shaun Gregory drawings of "as built" beamline.pdf

Previous versions: