Spring 2021 - Rebuilding Photogun

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HV chamber : Replace cathode electrode

  • Electrodes
LgGnNb leak check => done 4/8, Carlos leak tested complete assembly in 1137
S&A fiducialize =>

  • Alignment Jobs in Cave
Walk job with Carlos & Chris => done 4/7
S&A perform an as-found of the Gun through Y chamber => media:210414_UITF_15degLine_Summary.xlsx
Matt's "Have-Want" summary pics media:210414_HaveWant.pptx
Decide if we want to run beam before venting => don't think so, agree at 4/15 UITF meeting
S&A will fiducialize upstream anode face in UITF
S&A will be able to help us align new schneedle where cathode will go
S&A will be able to align cathode to anode
S&A will be able to align cathode/anode combo on whatever line we want (thinking Y ports)
CIS follows up for puck in/out tests, and laser alignment

Depo chamber : Replace schneedle, fix pucks, opportunistic jobs

4/6 - Shop is fabricating two, trying to have one ready by 4/18
one from 316 or 316L SS and one from Nitronic 60 https://mis.jlab.org/mis/apps/job_request/mshop/view_request.cfm?request_id=330210&code=1
  • Nitronic 60 data sheet (Nitronic trademark AK Steel)
  • won't use this ... although probably not a problem, can be mildly magnetic Mir50 (Mir50 trademark ASC Steel)

Other jobs