To do list for booster characterization and preparing for water irradiation experiment

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Update on HDIce plans, run4:

  • beam through Saturday March 13,
  • Monday March 15 rooftiles off
  • Tuesday March 16, rooftiles back ON, credited controls recertified, permission granted, authorized to make beam

Booster studies, until LHe is redirected to CMTF, scheduled for "end of the month" (vague because I don't know the date this happens, because SRF doesn't know when CM will be ready for cooldown)

  • Sunday March 14, and then starting Tuesday March 16 until finished, afternoons and evenings: Yan evaluates MeV beam quality for 130 keV beam into booster
  • qsutility at 9.7 MeV/c using all harps (focus on MeV harps, there are four of them, keV harp swipes can happen later but are still important). Can happen in mornings or after Yan's 130keV study. Brian, we need timely feedback to learn if the harp swipes were of any value, in order to retake data, etc.,
  • After qsutility at 9.7 MeV/c, repeat the harp swipes at 6.3 MeV/c
  • interleaved or at end of time available, study beam size using viewers. Focus first on viewers near a harp, compare results
  • little red quad attached to beamline at Wien filter location, use a viewer, measure emittance. Later, work to automate this method, and work to incorporate this method into qsUtility (lowest priority in the sense we can do this without LHe, but it's useful and Yan has already started troops marching)

Hardware studies we want to support, as best we can:

  • put 100nA into FCup3 and look at BCM signal, reduce current until signal is garbage. Coordinate this work with RadCon, we are presently not permitted to operate at 100nA but I suspect we will be allowed for tests, since Radon wants this BCM capability
  • BPM studies (are there more to do?)
  • LLRF 3.0, high priority, we want to support this work
  • yao cavity signal, is there one?

When open:

  • Finish updating the deck of elements, their positions, distribute this info to wide audience, but in particular to Dennis
  • flesh out the UITF SAD work