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media:to do list at UITF for water irradiation studies 7_7_21.docx

Engineering support jobs

keV region:

  • [DC] Reconnect two steering magnet sets and solenoid on the NEG tube near the gun after the bakeout
  • [IC] Restore operation of ITVK202 and ITVK203 (at the Wien, if it were there). These channels were used for HDIce dump viewers ITVMA01A and B (might have names wrong)

MeV regions: Near FCup3:

  • [DC] Four corrector (2 sets) near dif pump station and FCup3, restore them:
    • MHBM401H/V between manual and fast valve – On beam line; requires connection
    • MHBM501H/V over bellows in from in IPMM501 – requires mounting and connection
  • [IC/VAC] Fast valve – Pull cable, interface locally and to VCG, mount electronics, and test

BCM + Current clamp receiver/chassis from Musson/Seaton

  • [IC/VAC] Power + Cable NEG VGPM401 on cross with VIPM401 [Software] Controls
  • [IC] ITVM401 connections, restore them. [software] Viewer is now a YAG.
  • [IC] FCup3 connections, restore them
  • [IC/VAC] VBVM501 connections, restore them
  • [LLRF] Yao cavity – Prototype receiver install + cable from LLRF [Software/LLRF] Controls
  • [Experiment] Place shielding around FC3 region

Spectrometer line:

  • [IC] IHAM703 was replaced, but need correct cable connections, verification it moves. Controls changes required for different harp style? If so - [software]
  • [IC/VAC] Power + Cable NEG added in front of IHAM703

New straight ahead line to water samples:

  • [IC/VAC] New valve VBVM602 – verify operation / hook up
  • Three new BPMs: IPMM602, IPMM603, and IPMM604
    • [IC] Verify connections and operation
    • [Software] Controls changes – Kyle working it already.
  • [DC] 3 new steering magnet sets: Verify & Polarity check installation. Update CED as appropriate.
    • MHBM602AH/V: ITF07 Channel 11/12 rerouted
    • MHBM602BH/V: ITF07 Channel 14 rerouted to vertical; Ch. 13 still needs rerouting to horizontal
    • MHBM603H/V: ITF07 Ch 17/18 rerouted
  • Also, secure loose magnet cables on that rack.
  • Solenoid –
    • [Install] Plumb LCW / Flow meter (from DC)
    • [DC] Power Supply, Cabling, Integration
    • [Software] EPICs contol
  • [IC] 2 new viewers: ITVM603 and ITVM604 – both YAG. Connect & interface.
  • [IC] FCup4 in/out
  • [IC] Video only channel at water sample area (Norris hooking up with Hannes Tuesday.)
  • Stepper motor controlled sample holder (Windham + Lu) – Mount after 80/20 table build [Experiment] and integrate
  • [Experiment] Build 80/20 shielding Table
  • [IC/Vacuum] Power + Cable NEG (x2): VGPM603 on cross with VIPM603. VGPM604 on cross with VIPM604A
  • [IC/Vacuum] VCGM604 Cathode Gauge – Cable, power, interface to EPICS
  • [Experiment] Place Decarad heads
  • [Experiment] Mount fluorescing screen after target

Safety System Group:

  • Relocate BLMs
  • Update gold masking
  • FSD for BCM Current clamp; from [IC]
  • FSD for Solenoid for [DC]

[ME] Design related:

  • Plate and 2”x2” support leg at FCup3
  • Camera holders: 2.75” and 4.625” flanges
  • Table for water sample holder (pictures for assembly)

[All system owners] Other: CED updates and verification for everything