UHV ion pump power supplies

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This page is a brief description of the documentation associated with the UHV ion pump controllers.

They are effectively at end of life because the main transformer used to create the high voltage sine wave for the cockroft-walton voltage multipler is no longer made. A similar type of transformer could be adapted, but it would require a redesign of the board and new testing to ensure proper performance.

In the documentation you will see them referred to as "EOS902" and sometimes they are called "Aurora". Aurora was designed to have one additional scaling resistor, but the high scale of picoamps was too noisy. We kept the "Aurora" pcb, but the last scaling resistor was left out, and the Aurora software never calls upon that last scaling resistor or its drive relay.

The "EOS software" folder contains a labview program for testing the units. This software is a stand-alone labview executable, but if you do not have the labview 6 runtime engine installed, you must first install it using the setup.exe file. The file has been confirmed to run on a "modern" pc running windows 7.

Note: you can plug in up to two units and use the controller address dials to look for the address of your unit. Also note, the "Address change" utility is no longer operational. We found that an HV arc on the output line could contaminate the address EEPROM memory location, so now all UHV ion pumps are programmed with a hard coded address. You can still change the address by using the Aurora bootloader program and selecting the address you want the device to be and download the file into the unit via its serial port.

All real info is kept in the following directory: O:\inj_group\Official Electronic Design Packages\UHV Ion pump controllers