UITC Meeting - February 19, 2016

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1) construction schedule and testing of new 1/4 CM at CMTF

2) our "parking" solution, 80 - 100K shield line proposed-path-forward, so as to provide the smallest burden to CTF. Can the new 1/4 CM be tested at CMTF with this configuration?

3) mechanical support structure (do we have to make it?) and installation details for UITF

4) waveguides

5) available klystrons and expected max beam energy from new 1/4 CM at some nominal beam current

6) how to plumb the relief valves out of the cave to satisfy our ODH requirements

7) how to safely stab the u-tubes from an elevated platform, who will make the elevated platform?

8) controls, both cryo and RF, when might they be available and are there issues new vs old 1/4CM (e.g., stepper motors?)

9) CTF upgrade/downtime and expected HDIce ops expectations

Cryo platform images
media:Haipeng's beam energy calculations.pdf

Cryomodule relief setup.jpg