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=='''Manuals and Reference'''==
=='''Manuals and Reference'''==
* Hai Dong, '''User Software for EFADC Compton Polarimeter''', May 2021: [[media:Comp_Pol_Software.docx]] [[media:Comp_Pol_Software.pdf]]
* Hai Dong, '''Description and Instructions For Compton Polarimeter Firmware Version 0x3900''', March 2021: [[media:ComptonPolarimeter_Firmware_ver0x3900.docx]] [[media:ComptonPolarimeter_Firmware_ver0x3900.pdf]]

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  • Portable Rack

DAQ Hardware

  • Electronic Map of Portable Rack (September 12, 2022)

DAQ Software

  • How to login to DAQ server
  • Helicity Generator Board GUI
  • Amplifier GUI
  • How to start a run
  • How to analyze a run

Manuals and Reference