UITF Meeting - August 1, 2016

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Notes from Joe:

  1. Henry R. - BCM is on hold until FY17 until procurement funds available
  2. Tommy M. - Tested HV card for new BLM, looks good; he'd like to know # CARM inputs from Vashek (he wasn't there) w/in ~2 weeks
  3. Jerry K. - Rec'd gauge for nitrogen monitoring; needs to complete contactor wiring; may need add'l head
  4. Scott H. - Inst'd JMenu, HVPS screens ready for testing, working keV-RF, if QCM screens not same as CEBAF need to know, working BLM soft.
  5. Adam C. - BlueCherry server 32 chan. ready for installed, need to work patch w/ Delacruz, working on policy to allow login to TV monitor
  6. Omar G - G-line map BPM's when ready, pull viewer cables keV; they'd like ability to pull MeV cables (where?); moving from LERF to CEBAF/UITF
  7. Scott H. - ~weeks before the pc104's (for each BPM) are ready; would like to know schedule to prioritize
  8. Keith C. - Harp chassis 8 channel being fabricated; about ~month before test
  9. Curt H. - Chopper amps on schedule 9/22, Wissman is working on buncher amp
  10. I explained good to keep working labor on UITFBL rest FY16; would like some way to tap viewer channels at control room (general patch at rack?)