UITF Meeting - February 11, 2019

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The final stretch:

  • ion pumps along the MeV beamline, drop cables, junction boxes, epics screens for 14 more pumps
  • valves: per the song sheet, get them to work, air plumbing
  • viewers, pneumatic actuators, video
  • BPMs, we need them now
  • the big BPMs on HDIce line, are they any good?
  • current monitoring at dumps, cups and apertures, water plumbing
  • harps
  • yao cavity, at least one needs to be installed, with electronics
  • install third rack
  • cable up at least the waist height magnets
  • inventory haimsons, purchase more? different sizes?
  • check out the MAT correctors, will they work? 1.5" pipe?
  • Grab the steering magnets from LERF for HDIce line, 3" pipe?
  • tables and documentation
  • test with 200 keV beam
  • interlock the chicane dipole?