UITF Meeting - January 24, 2018

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Shaun gave an update

  • Working on first MeV 80/20 stand layout and S&A points (components may still be moved atop it)
  • Provided Phil w/ DP can layout for assembly
  • Will submit job to machine shop for (2) vertical chicane vacuum chambers
  • Order add'l hardware (40) right angle brackets and (20) 4-1/2" vee-blockes needed

Phil/Marcy discussed count of components needs in MeV section, good news relatively list so far

  • Proceeding w Plan A 1.5" pipe w/ reducers as needed
  • Would like to order additional IP's, with XHV IP near cryo-unit exit
  • Too early for list of bolts/flanges
  • Will begin building up the DP assembly
  • Jim Kortze has the BCM cavity

Joe updates

  • CEBAF MeV region has quad upstream of DP station; for next week will evaluate beam envelope between booster - chicane using Alicia's span of cases
  • Positron spigot: Plan A is borrow 5D line from CEBAF, Plan B is reproduce those elements ... TBD
  • Will suggest MeV corrector option that fits in 15" clear gap after each quad