UITF Meeting - January 3, 2020

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media:HDIce to do list 1_3_2020.docx

Additional FSD nodes, some/all will be maskable

  • Ragowski coil low current BPM, trip beam when position and current exceeds a value determined by Kevin's Labview program
  • Halo counters at the dump
  • Halo counters at upstream apertures
  • Decarad? Will be installed but perhaps not used as FSD
  • the dump magnet must be ON
  • Superconducting IBC magnets must be ON, other protection required by ERR committee?
  • Raster magnets must be ON
  • some sort of vacuum guage at dump and near target, can be another ion pump current I guess

I&C stuff, Cable pulls:

  • We need a frequency generator to drive the laser intensity modulator at 1 MHz
  • We need a copy of the 1 MHz signal delivered to the lockin amplifier rack
  • Aperture/stepper motor control (three of these, two near HDIce and one at Chopper)
  • Two viewers behind HDIce
  • New ADC card to read the SF6 pressure, per Scott Higgins’ request (the old XY566 ADC will be upgraded to a standard VMIc0979 board)
  • Remote control of the pockel cell voltages, DAC wired to the EMCO HV bricks (we won’t use the fancy RTP driver that Caryn Palatchi has you building, not at UITF)
  • Fibers (4?) from helicity board to the HDIce target
  • Ethernet cable from halo counters to….?

RF group:

  • Buncher 748.5 MHz, and then 1497 MHz
  • Heaters added to buncher, cabled and fed to 120 VAC box, Hansknecht’s controller
  • Get 1497 MHz buncher made, fine tuned to be resonant
  • Buy 1497 MHz 400 W amp
  • Yao cavity bunch length electronics, software


  • Install 6” blank gasket with 5 mm hole for conductance limitation, in case we vent something, gives us time to close valves to protect the booster
  • Install manual valve on the elevated beamline, to make it easier to bake this line

Software related:

  • Halo counters, need software, right?
  • Some way to export Labview info to read via epics
  • Raster magnets
  • Stepper motor control apertures and chopper slit
  • Pockel cell voltages via DAC

Computer control:

  • Remote desktop to X computers inside Cave2
  • Additional wall monitors?


  • Shielding concerns, high current at dumps, proximity of HDIce electronics