UITF Meeting - June 6, 2018

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Maybe it would help if I outline a few questions.

  1. In order to diagnose and control the position and size of the beam at the position of the target within our cryostat, we will need the following:
   before the IBC, in order of increasing Z: 

a position monitor, a fast raster, a viewer, a harp, and an insertable vacuum Faraday cup. Then the IBC.

        There should be no magnetic elements (ie. Trim coils or Quads) after the position monitor that is just before the raster.
   after the IBC: a harp and a Faraday cup (we’re working on the design of the latter), and “some distance” before the concrete wall.

  1. the IBC support allows it to roll on rails that provide flexibility in the Z-position. What flexibility in Z does the design allow?
  1. how does the Z- position of the IBC align with the moveable ceiling tiles?

These should be answered before grouting in the IBC support, and that needs to be done before scheduling the move. Help would be appreciated,...Andy