UITF Meeting - March 12, 2019

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UITF to do list: March 11, 2019

  1. Brock bunch length monitor:
    1. 1497 MHz trigger signal to fast scope
    2. Connect oscope to network
    3. Software
    4. Video, tripod?
  2. Dress ion pump cables, cut to length
  3. Shelf for ion pump supply
  4. Yao cavity installed, bake this region
  5. Brock bunch length monitor at MeV dump
  6. Yao bunchlength electronics
  7. Chopper and buncher epics screen calibrations
  8. Characterize the buncher (Yan)
  9. QE scan tool like one at CEBAF? To ground out the gun HV, or whatever it does
  10. Test the Brock polarimeter
  11. OSP for floating beam through the QCM, maybe just a revision of keV OSP?
  12. Float beam through QCM, calibrate the BCM (beam small enough for this?)
  13. UITF AOD
    1. Channel access, implement it
    2. MPS description
    3. UED
  14. Steering magnets on MeV beamline 1.5” pipe, or on 2.75” flanges?
  15. Steering magnets for HDIce line, 3” pipe
  16. Third magnet rack
  17. Valve chassis for MeV beamline
    1. Will our valve actuators always look kluged up?
  18. Harps, install them, four more
  19. MeV beamline BPMs, fix one of them (Phil is on it)
  20. MeV viewers and video signals
  21. Water flow through dumps and cups
  22. Raster magnets and electronics, installed, functional
  23. Water leak keV region
  24. Update UED
  25. Songsheet, as-built accurate drawing
  26. Modify Eric’s quick view schematic (correct errors, if any)
  27. Ask Eric for MeV quick view schematic
  28. pA BPMs
  29. Go-No Go detector for HDIce, near apertures, add these as fsd nodes
  30. Summarize MPS/FSDs, install them, test them
    1. Gun high voltage
    2. Dipole magnet at 15 degree bend
    3. Vertical chicane dipole (or is this PSS?)
    4. Go-No Go sensor near HDIce, at one of the apertures
    5. Vacuum interlock to valves
    6. Vacuum interlock to chopper rf power, buncher power?
    7. BLMs, need to put them on beamline
    8. QCM liquid level
    9. Water flow to buncher, chopper cavities
  31. Modifications to PSS?
    1. How does SSG want to interlock the vertical chicane dipole to PSS?
    2. Third run/safe box
  32. Electricians with some outlet strips along the beamline? That can be turned OFF with switch?
  33. PSS BCM, needed or not?
  34. North wall SEG blocks
  35. Piers and chimney roof tile in place
  36. 3rd review: who are reviewers, schedule it, agenda
  37. Buy a vacuum cleaner for the cave and use it (Shark)
  38. Clean up the caves
  39. Labels applied to everything?
  40. Replumb the GN2 manifolds