UITF Meeting - March 2, 2018

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Details related to UITF QCM_3/2/2018 (Poelker, Larry King, Mike Drury, Chris Perry, Curt Hovater, Rick Nelson)

  • Buddy Carlton had a spare CryoCon18 chassis, so we will read 8 silicon diode temperature sensors using it. Omar provided the cable, but we will chop off the end and configure it for the CryoCon18. Larry and Buddy will do this.
  • John Fischer looked at the epics screen built by Cryo, the end can temperature sensors are on the screen, but noticed we are missing cavity temperature readback. Larry will work with Buddy to read these signals and put them on the epics screen.
  • Chris Perry expressed interest in knowing temperatures inside the QCM. He and Larry looked at the list of available sensors (there are many, > 30) but they agreed, we will just use the end can diodes and ~ 4 diodes to monitor cavity temp. We can read more sensors later, if necessary.
  • The cryodiode chassis serves three purposes: 1) temp diode readback (not using this), 2) heater control (we will use this), and 3) the RS485 connection to read decarad (we might use this)
  • The heater control serves to maintain ~ constant temp when RF is turned OFF. The heater turns ON to simulate the heat related to RF.
  • Curt will take care of the heater control, he knows that he will read temp via the CryoCon18 chassis. I necessary, we can use a simple dc current supply, manually controller, to drive the heater.
  • Curt will manage the cable drops and hook ups of the ARC and IR detectors.
  • Forgot to ask if stepper motor control is necessary for RF commissioning…
  • Gary Cheng says we installed a course adjust stepper motor on QCM because we didn’t have the fine adjust, but now we do, if we find it is needed.
  • SRF will own cool downs and warm ups, and RF commissioning. Once a procedure has been developed, they might hand off these jobs to CIS