UITF Meeting - May 20, 2019

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UITF to do list_for ARR

  1. ) Binder in control room that lists qualified Operators
  2. ) Describe training
  3. ) Minimum staffing requirements
  4. ) Pre-Ops checklist, RadCon checklist?
  5. ) How to notify in broad sense whether UITF is a “gun test stand” or “accelerator”?
  6. ) Professional way to lock out the valve to QCM, the dipole to elevated beamline
  7. ) Modifications UOD: a) specify that for keV ops, rad survey is not required. B) Break the page for staffing table

UITF to-do list

Top of Cave1 and 2:

  • Move wooden boxes somewhere
  • Bolt down the channel for magnet rack#3
  • Crane up the magnet rack
  • Vacuum the top
  • Tell crews to take their un-used stuff way (cables and tools, etc)
  • Pick a time and ask Neil to reconfigure the helium vent barrier
  • When the helium vent barrier is removed, HDIce to reconfigure their vent pipes
  • Neil to add fall protection at the removable tile locations
  • Neil to provide support posts for horizontal lifeline
  • Andy to purchase more moveable yellow railings
  • Somebody to provide a means to leave the north side of the roof

Inside the caves, waist height

  • Clean up and organize inside the caves, vacuum on order
  • Attach magnets, cable up, software screens
  • Viewers, air and video
  • Cup and dumps: water and current monitoring, protection diodes, screens
  • Lead brick around dumps
  • Lead brick in trenches, document and post
  • Move laser table to GTS
  • Harps, need them to work (harp screens, where are they?)
  • SF6 resistor tank
  • 11 L/s ion pump added to the dead chopper chamber pump
  • Gun at 200kV w/o field emission (vent gun to remove electrode ~ August 10)
  • Activate a photocathode
  • Gabriel data
  • Lifetime with cesium
  • Lifetime with cesium and lithium
  • Beam through Brock cavity polarimeter
  • Characterize the buncher using the Brock cavity bunchlength monitor
  • Get another Brock bunch length cavity and install it at dump
  • Buy another scope and fast plugin (11801C or CSA803? or something newer?)
  • Ion pumps ON and attached to UHV supplies, with epics screens
  • Once harps are installed and Brock bunchlength cavity #2, light bake of beamline to obtain 100nA pressure?
  • Does anyone have a plot of ion pump response versus beam loss?
  • Curt: Yao cavity electronics
  • Epics control of valves
  • Waiting for the “good” valve chassis that lets me segment MPS into three zones
  • Implement three-zone MPS with Marie Kissee
  • Official lock on QCM upstream valve?
  • Are we prepared to have epics control of QCM valves?

Elevated Beamline

  • Re-arrange the components near HDIce (Phil, Marcy, Shaun, matt)
  • Waiting for stepper stages, machine shop apertures
  • Build the apertures and align them (need stepper motor controller, John help us!)
  • BPMs in place, connected to receivers
  • Pump down, leak check
  • FEL style viewers working, modifications necessary? Cameras, video, air pressure
  • Valves
  • Ion pumps
  • Decarad near the apertures
  • Steering magnets from LERF
  • Cup: water and current monitoring, protection diode, added to screens


  • Tile removal
  • Commissioning plan/MeV OSP