UITF Meeting - May 6, 2019

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"The process at LERF involved meetings, discussion, and input from EHS&Q, Radcon, and SSG. Because the beam-authorization tool requires that the credited controls be validated as a pre-requisite to authorizing beam, it’s important to document those credited controls, who is responsible for certifying them, how frequently that certification expires, etc."

from Mike McCaughan "I've gotten Paul to add a UITF section to the Operational restrictions page for easy monitoring once we start operations. I've had him add you and Joe initially as the editing parties, but you can of course designate anyone you would like. Just let me know if so and I'll have Paul or Brian add them."

Operational restrictions:

Gun Interlock current – Admin limit – presently 100 uA


Viewer flag limits:

Chromox – 1kW destructive limit. With blooming suggest no more than 200 W.

YAG/YAG:Ce : 10uA admin in the accelerator recommended by Tony Dela Cruz, made by http://www.crytur.cz/materials/yagce/

Other viewer flags?

Harps: CEBAF – 40uA CW. A thermal estimate could be condone convolving the beam with the wire, or just assume low emittance / 100% interception for some number of seconds. Is wire size/composition the normal 97%W/3% Re alloy 25 um wire?

Chopper slits/Chopping aperture? Destructive limit? What is cooling capacity? [ISLK302]

Aperture A3 [ISLK401] – cooling capacity / engineering analysis

Aperture A4 [ISLK403] – cooling capacity / engineering analysis

Apertures/Slit ISLM904A

Apertures/Slit ISLM904B

Faraday Cup 1 [IFYK203]: This cup is is identical to PCup at CEBAF....

Faraday Cup 2 [IFYK403]: Is identical to FC2 in CEBAF, 1 kW admin restriction in place: https://www.jlab.org/div_dept/admin/publications/papers/95/PR95-021.pdf

Mechanical drawing: https://misportal.jlab.org/jlabDocs/document.seam?id=7983

Faraday Cup 3 [IFYM905]: will get with Phil Adderley to verify what he installed.....

Faraday Cup [IFYM905]

Brock Cavity [ICBK403] – (Still narrow aperture? Halo requirement?)

Second brock cavity:

Cryomodule/Booster – Haipeng’s estimates from Mathcad



[Cavity length: 2 cell=.1202 m, 7 cell = 0.7 m]

Beam Dump (keV line): IDLK501

Beam Dump (MeV line): IDLM703

Beam Dump (Straight Ahead): IDLM601

Beam dump – not yet installed after HDIce Target

Raster: What are HDIce’s target rastering requirements?

HDIce Target: Beam / Current requirements?