UITF Meeting - November 25, 2019

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media:HDIce request for computer support Accel SysAdmin Group.docx

Brad Cumbia Mon 11/25/2019 1:27 PM Yes, we had a meeting about this. I forgot to send the minutes and our plan of action. I will send them out shortly. Brad Cumbia, Accelerator Network Engineer, Accelerator SysAdmin Group

Matthew Poelker Mon 11/25/2019 1:18 PM Hi Folks, I forget, did we have this meeting? how about next week after the T-giving holiday? We just had a successful experimental readiness review for HDIce tests at UITF so we are getting closer. I will schedule something, Matt

Adam Carpenter Mon 9/9/2019 3:51 PM Hi Michael, I appreciate your detailed list. We should have a meeting to discuss how we can support your needs. I'll put something on the calendar for this week. Please let me know who should be involved from your team. We are reluctant to create group accounts,

Michael Lowry Mon 9/9/2019 12:17 PM

-- HDice Group computer plan for UITF --

Computers -- these exist, no new machines to purchase, just configure and provide ethernet ports

1)  Inbeam Cryostat Control in Cave2 (Currently on IT network in Cave2)
2)  Remote Desktop mirror of machine 1 in UITF Control Room
   (We have machine and displays for this but not on any network yet.)
3)  NMR control, with main solenoid and transfer magnet controls as well, in Cave 2.
   (Currently defined on IT network in Cave2.)
4)  Remote Desktop mirror of machine 3 in UITF Control Room
   (We have machine and display for this but not on any network yet.)
5)  Rogowski Coil readout machine in Cave 2. Needs some EPICS access/support.
   (We have machine and display for this but not on any network yet.
    Plan is for this machine to feed 3 parameters(X, Y, I) into EPICS
    database using existing LabView routine,)
6)  Dump magnet controls in Cave 2. contact: Probir Ghoshal in Magnet Group
7)  Raster controls in Cave 2. contact: Weiwei Lu
8)  Silicon Particle detector readout in Cave 2. This is an embedded miniPC and
    needs a private ethernet cable connection to a Linux machine in UITF Control Room.
9)  Assigned machine in UITF control room. We hope this machine will have EPICS windows
    for machines 5, 6 and 7.  In addition we would like it to serve as the controller
    for machine 8, which means an additional ethernet port and a cable connection.
    Loading of the software for this will require some administrator level access.

Users -- all the HDice group PCs use the pseudo-user account: hdice

   This account has limited machine availability, only usable on certain machine.
   If this single account were made available on machine 9 then none of the individual
   users would need account/access under their names.  This is preferrable since
   it would mean no need to login on shift change, display blanking, etc.  However this
   may not be an option due to policy restrictions.

In which case -- The following people need access to machine 9.

Michael Lowry, mlowry@jlab.org
Andy Sandorfi, sandorfi@jlab.org
Xiangdong Wei, xwei@jlab.org
Tsuneo Kageya, kageya@jlab.org
Charles Hanretty, hanretty@jlab.org
Kevin Wei, kevin.wei@uconn.edu
Thomas O'Connell, thomas.o'connell@uconn.edu
Luca Barion, barion@fe.infn

Hope this explains our plan and provides the answers you need to help us. Please get back if you need more info or clarification.

Yours, Mike Lowry