UITF Meeting - October 21, 2019

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UITF: commission the waist-height beam line July, 2019, ERR for HDIce, beam through empty target by…..and then 3 more runs before May 2020. To-do tasks include: • Move from Construction to Commissioning to Operations • Pre-ops checklist, Beam Authorization tool, Operational Restrictions web page, HCO tool, UED complete, MPS with three zones, Commissioning Plan • Dress ion pump cables, cut to length? • Yao bunchlength electronics • SSA local on/off • Buncher on resonance at ~ 100 W rf drive power, need to heat the buncher…. • Characterize the buncher (Yan) • Test the Brock polarimeter • Move Pockel cell potentiometers upstairs so we can adjust polarization remotely (ask Keith for help, pull chassis and give to him, write to John?) • Build a chamber to install new photocathodes, pseudo-suitcase • Build and operate a little SF6 tank with conditioning resistor, so we avoid pumping out the HV tank • Some permanent means to leave the roof from the north side • Float beam through QCM, calibrate the BCM (beam small enough for this?) • UED, validate it, BLMs added to UED with correct names • Steering magnets for HDIce line, 3” pipe or switch to 2.5” pipe and use haimsons. Have the machine shop make us steering magnets, or local company • Another PSS rack for the PSS BCM stuff (add channel to elevate the rack) • MPS: implement the zoned approach, need the “good” valve chassis • Valve chassis for MeV beamline, the global solution that permits three zones for MPS o Will our valve actuators always look kluged up? • Harps, do they work? • MeV elevated beamline BPMs, installed but do they work? • MeV viewers and video signals • Water flow through dumps and cups • Raster magnets and electronics, functional • pA BPMs, purchase in-line fiber modulator (Shukui) • Need a signal generator for this, with line to modulator and line to the rack of lockin-amplifiers as reference • How will we use the lockin amplifier signal to trip OFF beam! Need epics control • Go-No Go detector for HDIce, near apertures, add these as fsd nodes, ion chamber? We can use Decarad but won’t be formal FSD (no 5 MHz signal) • Need fiber cables run to HDIce for polarization helicity info • Summarize MPS/FSDs, install them, test them o Gun high voltage o Dipole magnet at 15 degree bend o Vertical chicane dipole (or is this PSS?) o Go-No Go sensor near HDIce, at one or both apertures o Vacuum interlock to valves o Vacuum interlock to chopper rf power, buncher power? o BLMs, need to put them on beamline o QCM liquid level o Water flow to buncher, chopper cavities • Modifications to PSS? o How does SSG want to interlock the vertical chicane dipole to PSS? What will it do? o Rack for PSS BCM electronics • Clean up the caves and roof top, buy a vacuum cleaner • Labels applied to everything? • Replumb the GN2 manifolds • Add lead to the dumps, waiting for the iron boxes HDIce task list • Fibers for helicity info to HDIce • Install the fiber modulator, 1 MHz, with BNC cable or fiber cable to the rack of lockin amplifiers • How will lock in signals trip OFF beam? • Replace 3” pipe with 2.5” pipe, so we can add haimsons to beamline, magnets we have on hand? Or have magnets made • Build the apertures, with motorized bellows actuators like the chopper master slit, use Decarad to detect beam loss and incorporate this as fsd • Add NEG dif pump can with ion pump with pump out port to the beamline between last valve and HDIce • pA BPMs, modulate current at kHz frequency with tune mode generator, make another flange mount? Or maybe we purchased two already • Solenoid plus dump: finish design and build it (big job)