UITF Meeting - October 21, 2019

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UITF: commission the waist-height beam line November, 2019, ERR for HDIce, beam through empty target by…..and then 3 more runs before May 2020. To-do tasks include:

  • Move from Construction to Commissioning to Operations
  • Pre-ops checklist, Beam Authorization tool, Operational Restrictions web page, HCO tool, UED complete, MPS with three zones, Commissioning Plan
  • Dress ion pump cables, cut to length?
  • Yao bunchlength electronics
  • SSA local on/off
  • Buncher on resonance at ~ 100 W rf drive power, need to heat the buncher….
  • Characterize the buncher (Yan)
  • Test the Brock polarimeter
  • Move Pockel cell potentiometers upstairs so we can adjust polarization remotely (ask Keith for help, pull chassis and give to him, write to John?)
  • Build a chamber to install new photocathodes, pseudo-suitcase
  • Build and operate a little SF6 tank with conditioning resistor, so we avoid pumping out the HV tank
  • Some permanent means to leave the roof from the north side
  • Float beam through QCM, calibrate the BCM (beam small enough for this?)
  • UED, validate it, BLMs added to UED with correct names
  • Steering magnets for HDIce line, 3” pipe or switch to 2.5” pipe and use haimsons. Have the machine shop make us steering magnets, or local company
  • Another PSS rack for the PSS BCM stuff (add channel to elevate the rack)
  • MPS: implement the zoned approach, need the “good” valve chassis
  • Valve chassis for MeV beamline, the global solution that permits three zones for MPS
  • Will our valve actuators always look kluged up?
  • Harps, do they work?
  • MeV elevated beamline BPMs, installed but do they work?
  • MeV viewers and video signals
  • Water flow through dumps and cups
  • Raster magnets and electronics, functional
  • pA BPMs, purchase in-line fiber modulator (Shukui)
  • Need a signal generator for this, with line to modulator and line to the rack of lockin-amplifiers as reference
  • How will we use the lockin amplifier signal to trip OFF beam! Need epics control
  • Go-No Go detector for HDIce, near apertures, add these as fsd nodes, ion chamber? We can use Decarad but won’t be formal FSD (no 5 MHz signal)
  • Need fiber cables run to HDIce for polarization helicity info
  • Summarize MPS/FSDs, install them, test them
  1. Gun high voltage
  2. Dipole magnet at 15 degree bend
  3. Vertical chicane dipole (or is this PSS?)
  4. Go-No Go sensor near HDIce, at one or both apertures
  5. Vacuum interlock to valves
  6. Vacuum interlock to chopper rf power, buncher power?
  7. BLMs, need to put them on beamline
  8. QCM liquid level
  9. Water flow to buncher, chopper cavities
  • How does SSG want to interlock the vertical chicane dipole to PSS? What will it do?
  • Rack for PSS BCM electronics
  • Clean up the caves and roof top, buy a vacuum cleaner
  • Labels applied to everything?
  • Replumb the GN2 manifolds
  • Add lead to the dumps, waiting for the iron boxes

HDIce task list

  • Fibers for helicity info to HDIce
  • Install the fiber modulator, 1 MHz, with BNC cable or fiber cable to the rack of lockin amplifiers
  • How will lock in signals trip OFF beam?
  • Replace 3” pipe with 2.5” pipe, so we can add haimsons to beamline, magnets we have on hand? Or have magnets made
  • Build the apertures, with motorized bellows actuators like the chopper master slit, use Decarad to detect beam loss and incorporate this as fsd
  • Add NEG dif pump can with ion pump with pump out port to the beamline between last valve and HDIce
  • pA BPMs, modulate current at kHz frequency with tune mode generator, make another flange mount? Or maybe we purchased two already, software for lockin amplifiers
  • Solenoid plus dump: finish design and build it (big job)