UITF Meeting - pre-run0 to do list

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UITF pre-run0 commissioning steps (1/23/2020):

Hot checkout with beam and admin steps associated with commissioning plan

  1. Finish sending 200 keV beam to both waist height dumps, identify all the components that don’t work and get them fixed
  2. Call RadCon and SSG and coordinate shielding and BLM calibration (step 6 of commissioning plan)

Buncher Commissioning

  1. Beam to 200 keV spectrometer, find zero crossing and gradient that provide longitudinal waist
  2. Beam to MeV spectrometer, verify zero crossing, find gradient that provides longitudinal waist
  3. Based on 1 and 2, scale buncher gradient to set longitudinal waist at 2-cell

Optic studies

  1. Harp scans, measure spot sizes and compare to Elegant predictions
  2. Measure beam emittance
  3. Dipole calibration? We know it’s 200 keV beam
  4. Measure energy spread

Yao cavity time of flight system

  1. Work with Rama to see if it works

Brock harmonic cavity

  1. Measure bunchlength with Brock cavity, use chopper slit to vary the bunchlength?

Chopper commissioning