UITF Meeting with Allison and others to discuss schedule HDIce tests 3 5 2020

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05 March 2020 UITF/HD-Ice Meeting: • Poelker, Ginsburg, Reilly, Lung, Rossi, Preble, May, Sandorfi, Smith

Schedule for CTF Demand: • Draft Schedule based on estimated readiness for CTF of LCLS-II CM in June and C75 in August

HDIce test schedule.jpg


  • Everything ready for UITF Run 0 commissioning
  • Prior to UITF/HD-Ice Run 1:
    • CATS items to be closed (Poelker/Ginsburg/Seryi/Smith)
    • ERR Recommendations to be closed (Sandorfi/Rossi)
    • Permission to operate from TJSO (Poelker/Ginsburg/Seryi/May)
  • Progress on repair of the current LCLS-II cryomodule will determine whether it can be ready by June 16 for CTF. Any delay will require re-visiting the schedule for UITF/HD-Ice Run #3
  • Updates to be presented at the Planning & Coordination meeting on March 17
  • Re-convene this group for a status meeting in ~one month