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=='''DAQ Hardware'''==
=='''DAQ Hardware'''==
* Electronic Map of UITF Mott Crates (February 1, 2022): [[Media:UITF_Mott_DAQ_Map.pdf]] [[Media:UITF_Mott_DAQ_Map.pptx]]
* Electronic Map of UITF Mott Crates (February 9, 2022): [[Media:UITF_Mott_DAQ_Map.pdf]] [[Media:UITF_Mott_DAQ_Map.pptx]]

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DAQ Hardware

DAQ Software

Manuals and References


Reference: Media:PEPPo-FADC.pdf

Reference: Media:PEPPo_Helicity_Trigger_FADC250.docx

Reference: Media:PEPPpoHelicityFirmware.pdf Media:PEPPpoHelicityFirmware.docx

All the relevant files are at: M:\FE\PEPPo. These files also copied to opsmdaq0 at: /opt/idaq/HaiDong_PEPPo.