UITF Notes

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MeV beam time

  • Measure MeV dispersion with BPMs => Done, need to analyze
  • TM beam to 703 to see RF drift (full shift)
  • Verify optics setup for HKDL
  • Repeat buncher study, booster crested, 8 MeV, multiple scans per point

keV beam time

  • LVQE scan at different voltages. Expect same result, provided different laser powers at same voltage give same result (avoid SCL).
  • HVQE scan at different voltages. Expect different result.
    • CST: Does thermal energy affect collection efficiency?
  • High current to FC2 for 12+ hours, check if drift is gone

Beam line modifications

  • Put HKDL stuff into the machine ahead of time!