UITF Official Documents

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List of Qualified UITF Operators

UITF Permission to Operate, media:UITF Permission to Operate letter.pdf

Link to Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility Final Safety Assessment Document, FSAD ver 8a: https://www.jlab.org/eshq/ProgramDocs

UITF Accelerator Operations Directive (UOD), UTF-AD-01-001, Revision 1, July 19, 2019 http://opsntsrv.acc.jlab.org/ops_docs/online_document_files/MCC_online_files/UITF_Operations_Directives.pdf

UITF Accelerator Safety Envelope (ASE), submitted to DOE Site Office 10/8/2019 for approval, media:UITF ASE rev0.pdf, media:ASE approval letter from Site Office.pdf

UITF Commissioning Plan approved 11_18_2019 media:UITF Commissioning Plan_approved.pdf

UITF Shielding assessment: https://jlabdoc.jlab.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-200615/JLAB-TN-18-020.pdf

DOE Jefferson Lab Site Office Conduct of Operations approval: media:CONOPS approval.pdf

DOE Jefferson Lab Site Office approval to commission UITF: media:permission to commission.pdf