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<td width=150 bgcolor="#e0e0f0"><font size="+1">[[Past Experiments]]</font></td>
<td width=150 bgcolor="#e0e0f0"><font size="+1">[[Past Experiments]]</font></td>
<td width=210 bgcolor="#e0e0f0"><font size="+1">[[Facility Overviews | Introduction <br> to GlueX]]</font></td>
<td width=210 bgcolor="#e0e0f0"><font size="+1">[[Facility Overview]]</font></td>

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Welcome to the UITF Operations Wiki!

The Upgraded Injector Test Facility (or UITF) is located within the North-West side of the Test Lab (Bldg. 58), and exists to provide a robust proving ground for a variety of accelerator technologies as well as providing a venue in which to perform low energy physics experiments.

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