UITF Procedures not managed via document control

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photogun related procedures

  • krypton and vacuum high voltage processing
  • photogun bakeout
  • QE scanning the photocathode

laser related

  • tune mode generator alignment procedure
  • pockel cell alignment procedure
  • maximizing the power delivered to the laser hutch inside UITF enclosure

techniques to set the UITF buncher

  • harmonically resonant cavity
  • 200 keV spectrometer
  • Yao cavity, time-of-flight method

notes on sweeping the UITF enclosure and making it safe after beam oeprations

machine protection at UITF

  • UHV ion pumps, setting trip limit

Beam Authorization

  • how to get it
  • Locking out the gun and high power RF
  • Locking out the valve upstream of the booster