UITF plans for coming weeks, months plus booster optics discussion

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UITF going forward, here's how I prioritize things. We might have till the end of March, when LHe gets diverted to CMTF

so now juggling the three priorities: HDIce run4, booster assessment, water irradiation

sort of sequential order....

  1. ) the gun needs to be krypton processed, a mysterious task with no definitive idea as to when the work stops. Guess three days, start next Tuesday Feb 23 - stop Thursday Feb 25
  2. ) Yan is on a roll with the booster studies, deflection, x/y coupling etc.
  3. ) we need to feed "good" emittance measurements to Dennis. There are four working harps, we need good files from each harp, both planes
  4. ) 2 more weeks of HDIce, with all the drama of rooftile removal/replacement
  5. ) when we come back, Rama and Tomasz need days to load LLRF 3.0, which is needed for CEBAF
  6. ) yao bunchlength measurement, if it works, it could really help us setting phases
  7. ) more optics measurements...
  8. ) try RayTrace, need BPMs
  9. ) emittance using YAG viewer
  10. ) GPT studies by Xi (not last because it's not important, but she gets the months of July and August)

media:UITF talking points 2_18_2021.docx

media:Fay's astra model of CEBAF injector.pdf