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'''UHV Ion Pump controller manual''' [[file:EOS_902_tech_manual.pdf]]
'''UHV Ion Pump controller manual''' [[file:EOS_902_tech_manual.pdf]]
'''[https://jeffersonlab-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/marcy_jlab_org/EZm82lzsmslIkP4FQalDW8MBj1Ua27tYLGHOGn6BZ1M8Kg?e=Kc9yhK NEG Activation Log]'''

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media:Phil's vacuum study_2014.pptx


NEG coating

Vacuum window choices File:Vacuum window choices.pdf

Extractor Gauge naming and calibrations (requires update) File:Extractor gauges.docx

UHV Ion Pump controller manual File:EOS 902 tech manual.pdf

NEG Activation Log