Vacuum chamber

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  • Remove WP-1250 NEG cartridges
  • Remove posts for woven metal screen and replace with something suitable for high vacuum
  • Add (tack weld?) fixtures to the vacuum chamber for S&A tooling
  • Send vacuum chamber to S&A for fiducial (locate top flange, and anode flange with repost to chamber z-axis.
  • Clean vacuum chamber (wipe off with iso-propanol, removed foreign objects, etc)
  • Consider replacing the WP-1250 NEG cartridges with modern UHV 1400 NEG wafer modules (~12 week delivery)
    • If using UHV 1400 NEG wafer modules, no screen is necessary
    • Marcy to calculate how many UHV 1400 NEG wafer modules are needed, based on this, we'll develop a scheme to mount them. No need for a shield screen if e go with this modern NEG wafer modules. Need to figure out how to win them inside the vacuum chamber, and likely built a new power supply.
  • If the old WP-1250 modules stay:
    • Bubba to finish new woven metal screen
    • Devise a better method to hold the screen in place
    • Devise a reliable method to prevent electrical short in the NEG cartridges electrical connections for full activation with current
  • Re-install extractor gauge

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