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; Remote mettings
; Remote Learning Opportunities
:[https://wiki.jlab.org/ciswiki/index.php/E-learning CIS E-Learning links]
; Routine meetings
:CIS on-the-fly video chat => https://bluejeans.com/933607120
:CIS on-the-fly video chat => https://bluejeans.com/933607120
:B-Team meetings (Tuesdays) => https://bluejeans.com/406649861
:B-Team meetings (Tuesdays) => https://bluejeans.com/406649861

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Remote Learning Opportunities
CIS E-Learning links
Routine meetings
CIS on-the-fly video chat => https://bluejeans.com/933607120
B-Team meetings (Tuesdays) => https://bluejeans.com/406649861
MCC Daily/Wednesday meetings => https://bluejeans.com/569476853
Remote login
macs => https://cc.jlab.org/macs/remotedesktop
windows => https://cc.jlab.org/windows/remotedesktop
OPS => https://epicsweb.jlab.org
FEL (LERF) => https://epicsweb.jlab.org/fel/wmenu/
CHL => https://epicsweb.jlab.org/chl/wmenu/
ITF => https://epicsweb.jlab.org/itf/wmenu/
RF => https://epicsweb.jlab.org/srf/wmenu/
Mya database
myquery documenation => https://github.com/JeffersonLab/myquery
IT Support
general computing => https://jlab.service-now.com or https://cc.jlab.org >> “Submit New Incident” (Upper left corner)
accelerator related problems => https://logbooks.jlab.org >> Useful Links >> ACE-PR (service-now.com)
Budget/Req (requires JLab login)
Custom PR search
Year To Date Project Status report (cumulative)
Monthly Project Status report link (which does not include committed and not costed funds like labor before it gets posted)