Run Meeting: August 5th, 2020

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10:00AM Run Meeting, Bluejeans = 757 683 5804

RC: Narbe Kalantarians

Summary of past 24h:

  • Summary in the RC Daily Report

Plan for next 24 hours Detectors on and magnets ramped to nominal settings (outbidding torus B-field); waiting on beam.

Establish beam to the tagger. Set positions on 2C21 and 2C24 to our nominal. Do harp scans 2C21 and 2C24 and compare with the latest. If they look good then degauss tagger and send beam to the Faraday cup and do harp scans.

Take 1-pass inbending torus B-field data.

15-20M (Ideally 30M) on Deuterium

5-10 M on empty

15-20M Hydrogen

5-10 M on He4

If time lost: 20M D2, 20M H2, 5M Empty, 5M He4

Start with 10nA, and adjust as needed to keep Livetime at at least 80%, and ~2KHz trigger rate. Might need attenuator if exceeding FC limits (will consult with Stepan).