Run Meeting: March 19th, 2020

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10:00AM Run Meeting, Counting house meeting room (200C)

RC: Carlos Ayerbe

Summary of past 24h:

  • RTPC + FMT work finished
  • RTPC + FMT lifted to First level


  • Alignment of the RTPC with the beamline (ongoing).
  • Cabling RTPC to the crate.
    • Nathan B. indicates that should be cable to a different crate because there is no power supply available.
  • Connect the RTPC to the gas panel.
  • At 14h, PPE training by Bob Miller in the counting house.
    • Javier sent an email reminding the 6ft (~2m) separation between shift workers and maybe the need to use Tyvek suites and masks.
  • If everything is under control and on time, start taking cosmics all night.



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