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| November 12-15, 2014
| <span style="color:red">November 12-15, 2014</span>
| JLab
| JLab

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Planned Collaboration meetings
Dates Location
November 12-15, 2014 JLab

Bluejeans streaming instructions

Previous Meetings (including links to talks)
Dates Location
June 18-21, 2014 JLab
March 5-8, 2014 JLab
November 20-23, 2013 JLab

Older Agendas, Talks and Notes

Collaboration Governance

Chair of the CLAS Collaboration Dave Ireland
Hall Leader Volker Burkert

Physics Working Groups

Working Group Chair
Deep Processes Keith Griffioen
Hadron Spectroscopy Marco Battaglieri
Nuclear Physics Kawtar Hafidi


Committee Chair
Membership Committee Kevin Giovanetti
CLAS Charter and By-laws Reinhard Schumacher
Service Work Committee Silvia Niccolai
CLAS Speakers Committee Brian A Raue

Past CLAS Chairs

Collaborating Institutes

Static world and US maps with list of institutions

Links to older documents

Old CLAS chair page