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Overview of Configurations (June 2021)

  • Location: IP6, IP8
  • Configuration: 1.5T (ECCE), 2.0T (CORE), 3T (ATHENA)
  • Location of EEEMCAL: inside or outside DIRC

Mechanical aspects

  • Maintenance
  • Detector maintenance will be done outside the hall using the mechanism illustrated in these videos:
  • How many parts of the detector?
  • One part EEEMCal (Athena and ECCE)
  • Must we take out the detector?
  • All major maintenance will be performed outside the hall
  • Where will the detector be mounted?
  • On the universal ("DIRC") frame for both Athena and ECCE
  • What is keeping the crystals/glass blocks in place?
  • Carbon structure between crystals (individual or matrix) - need to know what minimum thickness is required mechanically.
  • Where is the detector located?
  • Inside DIRC for both Athena and ECCE
  • Detector location in z: z=195cm (Athena), z=190cm (ECCE)
  • Detector dimensions:
  • Athena: Rmin=15cm, Rmax=100cm
  • ECCE: Rmin=11cm, Rmax=57cm (support radius=61cm)
  • Cooling:
  • Need to have as much active area (crystal/glass) as possible to minimize gaps in physics coverage
  • Prefer a cooling solution from back and "inside" to minimize any structure outside the crystal/glass block outer radius