General EEEMCal Meeting Summary 5/17/21

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PARTICIPANTS: Vladimir, Bruno, Carlos, Crytur USA, Miroslav, Gabriel, Hamlet, Hrachya, Nathaly, Pete, Petr, Renee, Richard, Tanja, Rosi, Sasha, Douglas, Cristiano, Lei, Michael


  • EIC@IP6 update (Vladimir)
  • Presented EEEMCal and possible contributions
  • Comments/questions from EIC@IP6 group:
  • reference technology for outer EEEMCal
  • need to pay attention to calibration and monitoring strategy for keeping high precision constant term in the long run - c.f. PANDA EMCal
  • Calorimeter WG meetings will start this week
  • ECCE Update
  • Calorimeter WG will meet Tuesdays 8-10am ET


  • EEEMCal Fun4All implementation (Carlos)
  • Hybdrid implemented - work ongoing on clustering
  • Homogeneous barrel EMCal (Nathaly)
  • Implementation of the barrel homogeneous EMCal starting from a cylinder that will be segmented and given a suitable depth etc.
  • Currently investigating hits from Geant4
  • Another option: received a segmented model of the PANDA EMCal - more complex geometry than needed fro EIC - keep as backup option for now
  • Ongoing and planned studies:
  • Vardan and AANL team
  • Renee: e/pi separation
  • Gabriel and team
  • Cristiano: detector design optimization AI supported
  • EIC simulation frameworks for EEEMCal:
  • Fun4All for near term investigations that do not need a specific framework, e.g., e/pi separation studies, etc.
  • DD4HEP for longer term - requires building structure from ground up - more detail from EIC SWG
  • Standalone simulations for investigations that do not require the details of other detectors/materials etc.
  • ESCALATE for AI supported detector design optimizations that do not depend on the simulations framework
  • Action item:
  • review list of simulation open tasks and add/edit
  • add contacts on simulations Wiki page


  • Jefferson Lab (Tanja)
  • start scheduled for August 24th and run will until mid-December 2021
  • EEEMCal runs are expected end of September for three weeks and mid-November until the end of the run
  • Currently JLab still in Medcon5: currently no new users admitted for beam tests - stay tuned for status changes during summer/fall
  • DESY (Douglas)
  • Program is running - new requests for beam tests accepted for the fall
  • Request has been submitted for November 2021 (2 weeks)

SIPM+PWO DETECTOR (Irina, Olivier, Bruno)

  • Discussion of questions on specifications
  • Energy resolution - does it include general readout characteristics? - here, assumed PMT
  • Collision rate is ~0.5 MHz, but rate per channel is smaller (~100 kHz) - synchronous: can assume that either have event or not
  • Pulse shape - send more information on HallD trigger system (fADC, gates, etc.)
  • Simulation framework
  • Very interesting for simulating configurations and optimize before test bench and beam measurements
  • How to include beam test data in the simulation?
  • Action items:
  • Get additional clarifications on pulse shape
  • Make SiPM+PWO model
  • Point of contact assignment (for now): Tanja Horn


  • Visualization tool introduced
  • Some work remains to be done with global detector(s) configuration to finalize outer dimensions of EEEMCal, e.g., orientation of DIRC
  • Once outer dimensions are finalized EEEMCal team will start design of EEEMCal details