General Meeting Agenda 3/14/13

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The main topics discussed at this meeting were:

  1. Follow-up on the items from the last meeting (background studies and kinematics - see list below)
  2. Report from Simon Sirca on WACS simulations

Simon's report on WACS simulations

Items from last time

  • What is the desired optimal distance from target for the detector front face for forward angles. This info is prerequisite for background studies, e.g., beam pipe.
  • Figure: background per block as function of angle for 1uA beam current and 10cm target (similar to figure of dose rate as function of angle)
  • Background estimates at smallest angle and at 11 GeV (and bigger beam pipe)
  • Summary of details on geometry information needed for WACS (e.g. resolution), DVCS (e.g., scattering chamber dimensions, beam pipe dimensions, etc.), and perhaps others(?)
  • How much of DVCS projected beam time can be shared with pi0 DES and SIDIS (including both Hall A and C kinematics)