General Meeting Agenda 3/14/13

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The main topics discussed at this meeting were:

  1. Follow-up on the items from the last meeting (background studies and kinematics - see list below)
  2. Report from Simon Sirca on WACS simulations

Slides discussed during the meeting:

Background rates with 3 MeV photon cut

Background rates with 10 MeV photon cut

Photon rates with various cuts

Example of effect of beam pipe enlargement on background rates

Simon's report on WACS simulations

Items from last time

  • What is the desired optimal distance from target for the detector front face for forward angles. This info is prerequisite for background studies, e.g., beam pipe.
  • Figure: background per block as function of angle for 1uA beam current and 10cm target (similar to figure of dose rate as function of angle)
  • Background estimates at smallest angle and at 11 GeV (and bigger beam pipe)
  • Summary of details on geometry information needed for WACS (e.g. resolution), DVCS (e.g., scattering chamber dimensions, beam pipe dimensions, etc.), and perhaps others(?)
  • How much of DVCS projected beam time can be shared with pi0 DES and SIDIS (including both Hall A and C kinematics)