General Meeting Summary 1/17/19

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  • Discussion draft agenda
  • reduce talk time
  • leave breaks - need ~1hour for lunch
  • Discussion presentation template for ERR related talks


  • Discussion of draft charge
  • Items that need more detailed discussion are points 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9
  • Point 4: define pieces and responsibilities
  • Point 7: need generated radiation levels, submit preliminary radiation assessment documentation?
  • Point 8: Readiness for calorimeter analysis
  • Point 9: Documentation (RSAD, COO, ESAD, OSP) - OSP probably for magnet and calorimeter, define what is needed and who will be responsible
  • Action items:
  • Have preliminary drafts of documentation
  • Prepare task list for 1 Feb collaboration meeting
  • ERR dates - send suggestions for dates in frame March-April to Patrizia


  • Magnet ready, water lines have been connected
  • Power supply - plan s to energize within next week


  • Good progress on assembly of modules (2 x 2)
  • improved assembly/disassembly mechanics and procedure, e.g. captive screw that will stay attached to the frame and not fall when trying to disassemble
  • still looking into some details of attaching fiber, e.g. glue to either crystal or frame
  • Design of PCB boards is complete and ready for production
  • LEDs on board, short fiber to crystal, control LED by flat cables
  • signal connectors are one end SMA (similar size to LEMO, but more complicated to plug in/out) and LEMO on other end
  • HV connectors are Ficher (smaller than regular SHV)
  • Access to PMTs improved
  • boards slide like curtain to left/right - can almost access PMTs by hand from the back, but might need to optimize distance
  • Cooling
  • chilled plates around calorimeter crystals
  • cooled air in space between crystal and PCB - this space is crowded with many cables, poor air flow - difficult to cool
  • Temperature gradient crystals
  • will have probes in the box to measure temperature
  • discussing fan performance with vendor
  • isolation from room - boundary condition air
  • Time frame - start construction in second half of the year and finish early next year.
  • Funds availability - will confirm on 1 Feb

CRYSTALS (Vladimir)

  • Completed visual inspection of ~90% of first batch of CRYTUR crystals
  • NO rejections
  • Planning to measure tolerances for frame in next weeks
Crystal lengths are same for SICCAS and CRYTUR, but area slightly different
  • Action Item: make matrix where Crytur and SICCAS crystals would go - send numbers to Hamlet
  • Prototype: commissioning complete, will present preliminary results at collaboration meeting