General Meeting Summary 11/21/19

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  • Add item: assembly plan for frame (wrapping crystals, etc.)
  • Assembly space: need place until run (full assembly with electronics, DAQ,...)
  • Action item: make edits to agenda and post


  • Tests ongoing


  • Aims to protect PMTs when the calorimeter is close to the magnet and simultaneously keep material in front of the calorimeter at a minimum to not impact resolution.
  • Concept: double shielding with mu-metal (inside) and iron (outside). The best shape is a box.
  • Large magnet aperture as required for large solid angle - large flux that needs to be shielded. Shielding at magnet coils directly has no significant effect, so use a shielding box enclosure around the calorimeter.
  • Primary flux can be removed with iron. 1 layer is standard, but here use two layers as default to reduce the field to below 0.2 G.
  • Shielding for different configurations with field 0.6 T:
  • at 4 meters: 2 mm iron in front and 1 mm at sides of Calorimeter
  • at 3 meters: >~6 mm iron required (5 mm s not sufficient)
  • Practically such additional shielding could be bolted on with a minimum number of bolts to minimize installation time (radiation consideration)
  • Action Item: explicit calculations for 3 meters with field 0.3 T

FRAME (Carlos)

  • In the process of procuring the final components/pieces
  • Assembly is on schedule
  • Meetings with engineers being planned around the NPS collaboration meeting


  • Energy and dose rate distribution discussion
  • dose comes from higher energy parts - so can change magnet BdL, but not much impact since dose dominated by high energy
  • From the plots one can see that in certain regions have less dependence on magnetic field
  • Low energy particles dominate dose before the magnet, then remove e-/e+ and have only photons at low energy, high energy part not so simple to remove
  • Action Item: Bogdan will send the latest magnetic field map to Ho San and simulations will be done with it

HV DIVIDERS (Vladimir, Sasha)

  • Table with available models and their measured resolutions and nonlinearities (3x3 prototype) being prepared
  • Anode current measurements planned in Hall D

CRYSTALS (Vladimir et al.)

  • Instrumentation paper to be posted soon
  • Full NPS construction paper to follow
  • Action item: submit crystal paper