General Meeting Summary 11/8/18

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  • Date selected to be after Hall A/C meetings in the same week
  • Room: TBD
  • Discussion about agenda items
  • Discussion blocks to see what we have and what we still need
  • Magnet testing
  • Frame and infrastructure (cabling, etc)
  • Readout - CAEN
  • Slow Controls
  • Simulation and software
  • ComCal/NPS prototype and crystals - lessons learned, Hall C prototype
  • Glass scintillators
  • Streaming readout (Marco Battaglieri)
  • Readiness review preparations
  • CPS (~1.5 hrs)
  • Physics with NPS - update the one slide-per-experiment
  • Action Items:
  • Create and circulate draft agenda for discussion (Tanja)
  • Draft charge for ERR
  • Room booking (Rolf)

MAGNET (Rolf for Bogdan)

  • Magnet is assembled, working on peripherals (waterlines)

HV BASES (Julie)

  • Assembly and testing is ongoing

FRAME (Carlos and team)

  • Cable implementation in frame design ongoing
  • Discussion at JLab 13-14 November
  • prototype shipped to JLab for demonstration of assembly
  • 3D drawings available
  • Considering visit to Hall D to see ComCal/NPS prototype (arrange with A. Somov)
  • Considering additional discussion about cables with, e.g. Steve, Brad, Jack,..

CRYSTALS AND PROTOTYPE (Vladimir, Tanja, Rolf, ...)

  • 5+6+9 crystals from CRYTUR arrived - testing ongoing, results for all expected before end of the month
  • Next procurement from CRYTUR ongoing, also rest of PMTs
  • Found crystals from HYCAL (made by SICCAS in ~1999)
  • quality not great, but seems to have been acceptable for HyCAL - also note that the best crystals out of the full batch at the time might be installed in the HyCAL
  • another note: Rainer tested these crystals for Primex at the time
  • NPS Prototype
  • cabled up on the floor in Hall D, was powered up and majority of channels work (found 3 bad ones out of 140)
  • cable weight is an important consideration - for ComCAL needed extra support for doors in back
  • Cable routing also important - ComCal routes through back, will Hall D do the same for bigger calorimeters? NPS will send cables through top for easier access to PMTs
  • Slow controls for ComCal include: environment (temperature, light sensor, humidity), HV, LED pulser
  • humidity to check if condensation on boards when decrease temperature - consider materials to absorb humidity inside calorimeter
  • Scaler check for hardware channels
  • ComCal not in Hall D production DAQ, so need to take special runs - why does Hall D only have one DAQ?
  • Runs taken so far: runs at different voltage with LED to gain check PMTs (already did full gain calibration before)


  • Received additional hardware (VXScrate), working on setup for chain testing