General Meeting Summary 2/21/19

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  • Discussion about action items posted on Wiki
  • HV divider: check for linearity at low voltages ongoing - focus on anode current
  • Magnet: need plan for mapping and running, and safety documents, actual test may not be possible before ERR
  • Trigger/electronics: need answer for how software chain handles data rates

  • Discussion of ERR charge, agenda, presentations
  • Safety documents: radiation budget submitted, need to edit COO (add RCs, etc.) ad ESAD (e.g. additional safety measured required for NPS)
  • Agenda - confirm presentations on mechanical structure, electronics, beam line commissioning
  • Planning: aim for a meeting in mid-April to go over rough structure of each talk (how many slides, content of slides); plan for a real dry run 1-2 weeks before the ERR


  • Magnet (Bogdan)
  • cooling, connections being worked on to get magnet ready for testing
  • OSP: Charles agreed to write it
  • additional safety measures implemented in light of recent magnet events
  • Frame (Carlos)
  • Mock-up constructed and tests of concept of accessing PMTs from back with boards on rails
  • Got quartz fibers (1mm and 0.8mm diameters) to test radiation hardness - in general, fibers are very stiff (more than cables)
  • Note that in the past glass fibers were only used for calibrations, e.g. 0.2mm diameter for PANDA, but for curing need larger diameter
  • Carried out radiation resistance tests with Silicone cookies - they are radiation hard at high doses (30 Gy and >100 Gy)
  • Crystals (Vladimir, Tanja)
  • Received 18/55 crystals from CUA order - all pass initial inspection though mechanical quality slightly worse than previous 100 crystals from 2018
  • Prototype data analysis ongoing
  • Additional prototype data may be possible in next few days
  • Simulation (Ho San)
  • Nice plots of longitudinal shower profile with and without gaps - not significant difference at peak
  • Impact of the gaps between crystals on resolution shown earlier - no significant impact as long as stay <~1mm
  • For ERR plot of transverse shower profile might be good
  • Mechanical design - update at next meeting
  • Angle range of NPS remains at: 5.5 - 57 degrees, but small-to-large-angle changeover is now 23 degrees