General Meeting Summary 3/21/19

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MAGNET (Charles, Bogdan, Paulo, Rolf)

  • Mapper was delivered to JLab - some alignment modifications are being made
  • OSP for magnet mapping in test lab almost ready
  • Another OSP is needed for the magnet operation in Hall C
  • Fringe field considerations on HMS axis - affects optics
  • <200G, calculation good enough
  • for close approach NPS and HMS configuration without shelf may be better

HV Divider (Fernando, Vladimir, Alex S.)

  • Actual amplifier gain may be ~28 (instead of ~10 as thought based on description)
  • Modified amplifiers being prepared
  • 3x3 prototype for beam tests in Hall D with HV divider with modified amplifier ready
  • allows for energy comparison
  • goal is to compare different amplifier gains, but also different crystals - start with Crytur

FRAME (Carlos)

  • Frame mock-up constructed and being used to determine optimal cable lengths
  • PCB assembly ongoing
  • Discussion about cable assembly - France or JLab


  • Simulation in good shape - energy resolution, longitudinal and lateral energy deposition

CRYSTALS (Vladimir, Tanja)

  • Discussion about inspection of 160 SICCAS replacement crystals
  • Crytur update
  • next part of CUA order is on the way (currently have 18/55)
  • additional orders placed for 45 by OU and 100(+50) by JLab
  • expected capacity for future orders: 120 in calendar year 2019, 180-240/year for the next two years