General Meeting Summary 3/26/20

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MAGNET (Charles)

  • Work on To-Do List items, e.g. checking measurement vs. 3D model is ongoing - see NPS To-Do List for a complete listing


  • Check and document all kinematics with latest requirements for interferences, e.g. shelf plates on SHMS and new experiment DVCS from Hall A
  • Action Item: collect and send the kinematics information to Steven L. (DVCS: Carlos/Charles, WACS/CPS: Bogdan/David H.)
  • Document time estimate for rotating the magnet, moving the NPS detector and cabling, moving NPS from one side to the other
  • Action Item: develop possible models for cable layout - might need to get in touch with Brad and Jack
  • Corrector magnet fit - Bogdan will work with Paulo on the details

FRAME (Carlos)

  • Magnetic shield tests - note: max field expected is ~200 Gauss longitudinal
  • measurements show that 0.5mm mu-metal works in that range of magnetic fields
  • initial measurements show that PMT signal in magnetic field drops faster than projected by the manufacturer - discussion about possible residual fields, which could cause this effect, also could lead to a transverse field.
  • Assembly of the frame started and was well underway until the lab shutdown on March 16 - anticipated delay roughly equal to length of closure
  • Crystals and LED connectors sent from JLab arrived in France - should be delivered at Orsay end of the week

CRYSTALS (Vladimir, Tanja)

  • Crytur has been sending more crystals (50+10) over the last weeks - production seems to continue
  • Action Item: Check with CRYTUR if they can expedite outstanding crystal delivery for 250 crystals purchased recently and possible early FY21 procurement for 200 more
  • SICCAS shipped a number of crystals - arrival at JLab not yet known

HV DIVIDERS (Fernando, Alex S.)

  • New HV dividers with additional amplification that improves linearity have been tested in Hall D and seem to perform well
  • Action Items:
  • Collect results from Hall D and projected intensity of signals and performance for Hall A/C conditions
  • Collect all information on Hall A/C projections, e.g. from Ho-San's simulations for discussion at next meeting


  • NPS global delay likely a few months - will evaluate when Labs/Universities return to normal operations