General Meeting Summary 4/29/21

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PARTICIPATNS: Aaron Brown, Alexander Somov, Arshak Asaturyan, Brad Sawatzky, Carlos Munoz-Camacho, Carlos Yero, Bogdan Wojsekhowski, Rolf Ent, Hakob Voskanyan, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Julie Roche, Paulo Medeiros, Stephen Wood, Steven Lassiter, Vardan Tadevosyan, Vladimir Berdnikov


  • Ongoing work: design a new divider with the changes observed so far and with a new, externally powered amplifier
  • Design new divider
  • Prototyping
  • Finalize production by June
  • Connection divider to socket and testing
  • Impact of magnetic field on low HV PMT - no difference to before since main impact is distance to first dynode and that does not change.
  • Brief update on linearity measurements
  • Action Items
  • Prepare a summary of studies and optimized divider design based on them at the next meeting including


  • HV Supply switching tests - all cables and connectors perform well so far
  • Hardware Interlock system program and interfaces in development


  • Detector cart out for procurement
  • Joints for platform installation given to work coordinator
  • Will start welding to SHMS soon
  • cable routing plan - ongoing activity


  • Fast Electronics Group
  • Samtec connector certification - procedure developed - results will go into OSP
  • testing a few more components

CRYSTALS (Vladimir, Alex S.)

  • Crytur
  • crystals arrive in small batches each month - visual inspection looks good
  • more crystals grown with new raw material arrived - no obvious difference to previous crystals
  • old raw material: purchased from BTCP premixed by Giessen U. and has been used for NPS crystals so far
  • new raw material: purchased by Crytur from a Russian vendor (Neochem)
  • planning to test new vs. old raw material crystals with prototype in beam
  • Hall D experiences delays with Siccas
  • problems with Pb oxide powder
  • so far received 300 out of ~900 crystals that were due at beginning of the year
  • Action items:
  • impact of one layer SICCAS on NPS resolution? - Carlos will check with Ho-San on available MC samples (idea: smear energy of existing output file and re-run clustering and missing mass reconstruction)
  • stacking strategy decision (depends on first item)
  • review options in the NPS tasklist