General Meeting Summary 4/4/19

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MAGNET (Charles, Bogdan, Rolf)

  • Assembly and testing (Charles)
  • Good progress with setting up for mapping tests, working on modifications for mounting the traveling stage
  • OSP in progress - expect first draft on 4/8

  • NPS Fringe Fields (Bogdan, Rolf)
  • Discussion of slides
  • Results show that a minor (mm-scale) vertical offset that can be taken into account in HMS optics as is standard practice
  • Further mitigation of the already small vertical offset can be achieved with shielding; in this case no optics correction is needed
  • Horizontal offsets are negligible

PMT AND DIVIDERS (Vladimir, Alex S.)

  • Crytur crystals and modified/bypassed bases have been tested and installed in 3x3 prototype. Plan to install the prototype behind the pair spectrometer in Hall D on 4/8.
  • Reduced gain (4-6 compared to 28) amplifiers are being prepared
  • Anticipate some test time for modified amplifiers also with NPS prototype/ComCal at end of spring run

CRYSTALS (Vladimir, Tanja)

  • Discussion of dimension comparison Crytur vs. SICCAS - both vendors were originally given specs: 20.5 +0.05/-0.05mm
  • SICCAS mean globally higher than specs - would be consistent with 20.6 +0/-0.1mm
  • CRYTUR mean is ~20.45mm, which is consistent with vendor requested and approved modified specs 20.5 +0/-0.1mm
  • Crystal-to-crystal size variation is +/-0.05mm for Crytur and large fraction of SICCAS crystals, in particular the first 460 pieces
  • Variation in size along the crystal for Crytur is 0.025mm
  • REJECTION CRITERION: crystals will be rejected if larger than 20.6mm
  • Optics tests of the 160 replacements SICCAS crystals are ongoing. Many fail light yield requirements.

FRAME (Carlos)

  • Mock-up tests ongoing - identified issues with PCB board sliding and working on solutions
  • Work on cable dimensions ongoing
  • Mechanical calculations for carbon fiber structure supporting crystals ongoing - expect deformation on order 5-6um


  • Adapting Hall A clustering/photon detection analysis software to NPS configuration
  • Thinking of ways to expedite NPS analysis compared to Hall A? - e.g. better algorithms, higher speed
  • Online data taking also important - Brad S is working on this


  • Next meeting (4/18) will start with discussion of the speakers' rough content presentation slides - please prepare slide titles, table of contents or equivalent
  • 4/18 meeting will be two hours


  • Presentation of ongoing simulation studies and results