General Meeting Summary 5/28/20

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PARTICIPANTS: Charles Hyde, Bogdan Wojtsekhowski, Arshak Asaturyan, Vardan Tadevosyan, A Comer, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Alexandre Camsonne, Paulo Medeiros, Steven Lassiter, Vladimir Berdnikov, Carlos Munoz-Camacho, Jacob Murphy, Marie Boer, Hakob Voskanyan, Rolf Ent, David Hamilton, Julie Roche, Tanja Horn


Work ongoing

FRAME (Carlos)

  • Photos from pre-lock down illustrate the assembly status - some of the smaller components were assembled off-site during lock down and are ready to be included when possible
  • Small number of people allowed part time on site now and some assembly can continue, subject to new distancing rules etc.


  • Presentation of the logo planned to be included on the NPS frame
  • Optimizations and other suggestions welcome


  • NPS cable making is ongoing at JLab (off-site)
  • SMA for signal
  • Fischer for HV
  • Samtec HV
  • How to test cables?


  • Released requisitions for structural components (platform)
  • Expect all other parts to be submitted by end of week
  • Prepared and passed on step files for corrector magnet
  • Results from field integral calculations (Bogdan)
  • Significant integral BdL (~30-40kGauss) without corrector, need to compensate for field integral
  • Field integral not large - can build corrector without much problem (cost ~$10k)
  • Corrector cannot compensate for shift in position, still have significant displacement - shift is on level of 4cm creating a background: low energy particles will scrape beam line
  • To address this issue would like to shift corrector 15cm downstream - requires to modify a pipe (~$3k)
  • Discussion:
  • Corrector in beam line after magnet has been difficult traditionally - cables, power supplies space issues, radiation of components
  • Flux exclusion tube vs. corrector magnet? - Is there enough space? Tube seems more complex and complicated than corrector
  • Installation of corrector: clamped on beam line, no separate support
  • Current density: 200-300 A/cm2, no water cooling - the latter is important since located in a high radiation area
  • Corrector is a protection of beam dump - magnet controlled by MCC, deflection without magnet of primary beam is 6cm at beam dump
  • Can corrector magnet hang off the NPS magnet and rotate with the magnet?
  • General consensus to proceed with the corrector magnet design


  • Review of the issue and discussion of possible solutions
  • Need to reduce PMT gain - 10^6 too much and even 10^5 too much, 10^4 might be fine, but then need to figure out how to do amplification
  • Bogdan's slides summarize several options to reduce anode current, but need feedback from Fernando's group on base modifications
  • Action Item: Meet with Fernando on base modifications